What's Happenin' (April and May)?

I'm gonna merge April and May for this post because of the amount of travel I put on my plate (totally feasting on said plate), and the small amount of time I have in between to post.

So what's been happening in Ashley's world?

APRIL was the month that belonged mainly to San Diego. I was soooooooooo ready to soak up some sun. I was in SD for work, but obviously had the pleasure of seeing friends and family whilst gorging on Mexican food and In N Out for 2 straight weeks.

San Diego, in a nut shell:

Being in New York for awhile has made me appreciate San Diego to the MAX: It's clean! It's warm! It's a comfortable life! And being in San Diego for 2 weeks made me want to go back to NYC: It's interesting! There are things happening! CITY CITY CITY!  

That's why it's good I found a job that caters to my very gypsy soul that skips between different patches of green grass. I'll never change. 


MAY is going to be the month where I'll be heading to London and Berlin for an 8 day trip. I'm stoked! My 2 favorite New Yorkers are coming with me, whom you will see in my upcoming posts. It's been quite awhile since I've set foot in Europe (a year--that's LONG for me!), so May 10th can't come soon enough. 

Other stuff that's been happening recently: 

1. It's SPRING in NYC. Break out my denim jacket...weeeeee!  New York is gorgeous in the  springtime, ya'll. 

2. My cousin has a bestselling book in Turkey! My family is cool: 

My cuz (BegΓΌm) totally inspires me to be creative once more, especially when it comes to writing. One of my life goals? Become published (at least an article). 

3. I've made the decision to stay in NYC next year. This is a city that will give you a beating, but in a way that brings out a fervency to be the best. I reckon there will be a point where that will become exhausting, but I haven't reached it just yet. So it's one more year (at least) in the big city for this little lady. 

And there you have it, folks. The "main headlines" of Ashley's life for April and May. And if you feel like sharing...what's been happening with you? 


Favorite Thing Thursday

Lately, my favorite things have been:

1. My Two-Week Stay in California

It's been a relaxing 2 week stay in the Golden State. I'll do a full post on this later, but sometimes California is just the perfect antithesis to NYC.

2. New Haircut (I Got Bangs) 

Sporting a new springy do.

3. This Dry Shampoo

This is the **best** dry shampoo I've ever tried! I managed to get through 4 days without shampooing--magnificent! Sephora sells a travel size if you wanna give it a go.

4. San Diegan Mexican Food

 No other city in the US comes relatively close to San Diego Mexican food. The slight doughy-ness to the tortilla, the perfected hot sauce, the ambiance of a well-worn taco shop--this is San Diego at it's absolute best. 


My NYC Bucket List: The Metropolitan Opera

About a month ago, I checked off a longtime bucket list item--going to the Opera. What better place to see the Opera than a major metropolis, such as New York City?

I went with one of my besties, Christian, who is up for any and all art-related activities (if it makes him cry, BONUS POINTS).

We started the night with some naughty and indulgent food: grilled cheese and...WAIT FOR IT...Opera Cake. Yeah, this little guy was called Opera Cake and we couldn't resist, dammit! 

After our bellies were full of expensive cheese and chocolate, we made our way to the Met to see Madama Butterfly.

Obviously I didn't take photos of the performance, but isn't this modern space just lovely?

I am going to provide you with the promotional video for Madama Butterfly, because it's BREATHTAKING:

Going to the Opera in NYC will forever be a very cosmopolitan moment in my life. I'll tell the kids one day, "Mom used to do fun, cultured things!" Well, I don't plan on ever stopping doing fun, cultured things.

And so I ✓ this one off the list!


For Shits and Giggles

Most recent stuff that made me laugh on the internet...ENJOY! 


A Three Sentence Movie Review

1. The Martian 

I get the hype surrounding this movie; it's truly stellar. I'll call it Gravity's perkier, lighthearted twin. Matt Damon holds his own, yet again, and will never cease to be the hot All-American Guy.

2. Deadpool

This movie was so funny, so inappropriate, so in your-face, and just SO GOOD. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, could have played this role apart from Ryan Reynolds. Aside from the comedy, the movie has excellent character and relationship development: A+++++++

3. Pee Wee's Big Holiday

I was such a huge Pee-Wee fan as a kid so this went into the Netflix queue as soon as I saw it. Not as good as Pee Wee's Big Adventure, but has enough nostalgic moments to keep 80s kids satisfied. Pee Wee and Joe Manganiello have a gay relationship--not sure if they were going for that, but they TOTALLY DO (bromance, my ass).

4. Snowpiercer 

A very dark movie about a post-apocalyptic train than that must keep circling the earth so its inhabitants do not freeze to death. The train is separated into a class system, and of course, rebellion ensues. This is an interesting watch if you're in a pensive, dystopian mood.

Photo Credit:



What's Happenin' (in March)

Have you asked yourself, "what's been happening in Ashley's life in NYC?" (you wonder all the time, riiiight?). Just like Lumbergh from Office Space:

1. I've been brunching it a lot, which I am convinced is a practice that started in NYC to begin with.

2. I had a smashing birthday party (I turned 31...weird age!).

And yes, you can sing "LADYYYY IN REDDDDDDD" to me. G'head. 

3. I became obsessed with Neko Case and (and her band the New Pornographers, when she's not solo) thanks to Donny. They've been around awhile, and I've heard of em before, but didn't really listen until a few days ago. I am just BLOWN AWAY. Seriously guys, listen. 

4. I've been SEARCHING for a good spring jacket. Recommendations??

5. I've booked trips to London, Berlin, and...wait for it...TURKEY. More on this later, but I AM SO EXCITED I CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF BECAUSE TURKEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. 

6. I've been enjoying photographing the city.

7. I've been happy spring is just about here. Which really means shedding off winter blues for some more vibrant colors.

(Thought I would do these sorts of posts about once a month, to show what's been happening in Ashley's world, other than her talking in the third person. Cause that happens often). 


Switching Seasons

NYC is starting to feel springy

The weather took a delicious turn into 70-degrees today, and it forced me to brush off the frost that was still desperately clinging to my spirit. Spring is serious business in places that have real winters (San Diego doesn't even notice a changing of seasons), and the effect on people is noticeable.

Because I'm such a gypsy, but with a neurotic mind, sometimes I feel like I'm not sure where I am going or what I am doing with my life. Am I wasting time? Am I floating along like a lily in a pond, unsure of where I might float to next? Then I think floating is not so bad, and I should let myself float as long as I'd like to.

I'm going to go with that train of thought, because it's the gentler thought and one I should always be embracing. We should always be finding ways to be a bit gentler with ourselves, I think.

There is something that switched in me today. Maybe it was brought on by the weather. Maybe it was brought on by the solar eclipse. No matter what it was, I'm going to float with it as long as possible. 


Favorite Thing Thursday

1. Buying a Ticket to London and Berlin for a May Trip

The time has finally come to visit Germany, and I thought Berlin would be a good introduction to this famously pristine and orderly country. Of course, I threw in London for good measure. Because, London. Two of my friends are coming with...it should be grand!

2. Reading Hemingway on Cold and Rainy Days

Ernest helps me get through the coldest bits of winter! 

3. Reacting THIS WAY to Leo's Big Win

(Yes this is an actual video of me and the girls FREAKIN OUT)

...Another favorite thing? It's my birthday this very day! :)

What were some of your favorite things this past week? 


For Shits and Giggles

Gotta case of the Mondays? Look no further...


My NYC Bucket List: My First Blizzard

About a month ago, I experienced my first ever blizzard. It wasn't freezing so much as it was...er, challenging. Waking up to the blizzard, I had NO INTENTIONS of even going outside. I had my french cookies, and my cup of coffee, and I was content with watching the madness from the window.

But then, my Chicagoan roommate forced me to go outside. I get abused here often, folks. 

Nah, just kidding. It was a ***winter wonderland*** outside! 

Venturing outside was pertinent; we were on a mission to get some wine for our day inside. It was all for survival, guys. A video of the journey: 

We returned to safety just in time to plug in the Christmas lights, make pancakes, and pour the bubbly. 

And so I ✓ my first NYC blizzard off my list! 
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