Favorite Thing Thursday

1. Master of None

Binge watched this in one (lazy Sun)day. This show is everything and a must-watch. Aziz, you're on my good list this year for creating a show both relevant in topics of race and relationships while also being hilarious at the same time! Watch the first episode and you'll be hooked--it's available on Netflix.

2. Going to Vegas for Work, of All Things

My job is sending all us advisors to Vegas for a work conference next week. I'm not sure of the percentage of work to play there will be, but I'm all for a trip to the strip!

3. Fall in New York 

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If you've been following my instagram of late, you'll have noticed that I'm obsessed with the changing leaves on the trees here. OBSESSED. I heart autumn!!

And you?? What were some of your faves this week?? 


Friendsgiving in NYC

I've got a pretty good community going, as evidenced by the fact that I forgot to take a photo of myself at my Friendsgiving gathering. You know what? I'm a lucky girl.

 Why yes, it says "Homiez" on my wall. I meant to cut out "Friendsgiving" and adhere it to the wall; my laziness prevailed. 

Oh, and I know I made everything look all classy with the black and white, but I really had to showcase my Mac N Cheese in color, which was stock full of Gruyere and Sharp White Cheddar (about 20 fancy dollars worth!).



For Shits and Giggles

This has been a TOUGH week professionally. Let's just say I'm in need of this fluffy/silly/ridiculous post. If you are having the same week as me, enjoy these things that made me laugh...

Hope you're getting through Hump Day alright!! Hang in there :)


The NYC Dog Halloween Costume Parade

In the spirit of Halloween, I give you the cutest damn parade you ever saw...

 YES, the dog is a stripper! 


...and Bruce Jenner

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Acclimation, to the Weather and Much More

As the weather has been dropping, I've been warming up to NYC. It always takes me a solid two or three months to really acclimate to a new place and I constantly have to remind myself of that. I'm an impatient and restless soul, the worst combination. I've been running around like a mad woman, going to fairs for work, learning a new job, meeting new people, traveling a bit, already shedding some tears over a couple guys (I know, right?), but overall keeping an open heart and open mind to LIFE.

I'm proud of my impatient, restless self for realizing that there is an acclimation process to every new story--the period in which you are introduced to the setting, the characters, and the overall disposition of the heroine. And, boy, does she have an adventurous disposition. These bright eyes only see possibilities when thinking of what may come with the next turn of the page.


A Three Sentence Movie Review

1. The Intern

Anne and Robert bring their emotional A-game here--both play well-rounded, realistic characters. The same can't be said for all in the movie, though, as Anne's husband is a strange choice of character  and the relationship there doesn't seem super believable. This is not the best Nancy Meyer's film I've seen, but it's still worth a watch (just wait till DVD or Netflix).

2. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

I was surprised at how much I liked this, but liking it is due to Steve Carrell being so damn good at dramedy. This "end of the world/a meteor is heading straight for us" film is a great commentary on human nature--everything you think might go down if the apocalypse was upon us does happen. The last scene is absolutely terrifying, but in a gut-wrenching, all-we-have-is-each-other sort of way.

3. Welcome to Me

Kristen Wiig, I like you, BUT...sighhhh. Honestly, this is one of the weirdest movies I have seen; it's certainly in the quirky category, but I'm not sure it's in a good way. The end message is endearing, but it was just a no for me.

4. Comet

Overall, I liked this zigzagged tale of two lovers' tempestuous relationship over 6 years. It's not up to par with the likes of 500 Days of Summer (what is, really?), but it has the same non-chronological type of story telling. What wins here are the touching performances by Long and Rossum bringing to life a relationship that just can't be let go of.

Photo Credits: 1/2/3/4


I'm Gonna Be a Brooklynite

It has taken FOR-EV-ERRRRR to secure a place, but the time has finally come...to announce I'll be living in Brooklyn! Let me tell you all something: the NYC rental market was a major pain in my ass. I've been staying with my friend for a whopping 1 and 1/2 months! He never asked for rent (of course I paid it anyway), and I'm not even sure how I can PROPERLY repay him.

Of course, not having my own home totally affected my blogging schedule. As in, I HARDLY blogged. That will be fixed soon. I'll buy my bed, duvet, etc...start feeling settled...and then start blogging like normal. I move this WEEKEND...YES!

THE CAMERA IS COMING OUT, FOLKS! Not my iPhone camera, but my real camera. Bloggers know what's up with that!

I'll show some pictures of where I'm living soon, stay tuned! 


In Love with a Dirtbag (named NYC)

I've been here almost a month and I can hardly believe it. I am living in New York (I always feel that one month makes it more official). I'm here, guys.

Confession: when I first got to NY, I didn't miss San Diego that much; however, I found myself weirdly missing London. Yepppppp. Hello, my name is Ashley, anglophile and more specifically, London addict. In true Ashley fashion, comparisons between the two cities flooded my mind. I was missing some major things about my old home across the pond, such as:

  • The Tube: Prettier, easier to navigate, and more efficient than the Subway. 
  • Clean Streets: London is pretty damn immaculate for such a big city. New York, you are a dirty, dirty place and you should be ashamed of yourself (ok, you have some pretty areas). 
  • Being an Expat: I loved being the American in a sea of Brits and other cultures; here, I'm not special. Just another transplant living in the citayyyyy...nothing to see here! 
  • Reserved Culture: That extremely reserved culture in London meant less crazies/cat-calling/annoying people on a daily basis.

Before you roll your eyes and tell me to "Move on from London already, you pathetic baby!" I must tell you this: 

NYC offers community like no other. More than San Diego, more than London. And this is the most important aspect of any city. 

I know my claim is completely unscientific, but based on my personal experience I have never made so many friends so fast and so easily. I attribute this to four things: 

1. I'm better at meeting people now than when I was a more shy, more awkward 20-something girl. 

2. New York makes you talk. You sit down at a bar here and someone's gonna talk to you. Heck, you stand at the subway platform, and sometimes someone will talk to you there, too! I'm not sure shy is a word here? And reserved...uh...fuggedaboutit! 

3. This city knows how to have fun. It gets an unfair rap for being rude; on the contrary, it's just a city of honesty--honest in it's sadness, grumpiness, happiness, etc.

4. There are so many transplants here, we all band together because who else will take us?!?

I'm embracing this place as home. I have a community already, and it makes my little heart so happy! I'm falling in love with a dirt bag, and his name is New York City. 


What I've Been Up To (Going Crazy, But Having Fun)

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.40.29 PM

Oh heyyyyyyyyyy everyone...remember little ol' me?

The reason I have been majorly absent? Finding a place in NYC has been taking up all of my sweet, sweet time. Well, ok, not ALL of it. But quite a bit. It's a little exhausting, but the quest must continue and I will find my home! Either that, or I'll become a Woody-Allen-level-of-neurotic homeless person (we can't have that).

Until that happens, let me show you what I've been up to:

1. Staying with this Amazing Friend

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.41.03 PM

Meet Christian. The kind of guy that lets you stay at his place while you look for apartments. An encourager. Will give you the clothes off his back and pillow from his bed (he actually gave me his pillow and didn't tell me, and when I found out, promptly bought my own pillow so he had something to rest his head on!). Your gay date to a Roaring 20s birthday bash. An outstanding human.

2. Using Trusted Housesitters, Again

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.40.42 PM

To give Christian a break, I utilized trustedhousesitters.com again and watched a little pooch named Snickers for 5 days on the Upper West Side. The picture above was the view from the studio I was staying in. I lucked out majorly!! I'm really learning to love this useful website. This is the second time it's saved my ass! Oh, and two pictures of Snickers (I miss him ALREADY):




3. Hanging Out in Central Park like ALL THE TIME


I can't get enough of Central Park. It's gorgeous and sometimes I forget I'm in the city when I'm there (a different dimension?).

4. Working like CRAZY

I'm loving a lot of things about my job. It's hectic, it keeps me on my toes, and it's just what I needed.


Things are going pretty well, overall. How blessed am I that I already have friends in the City?? While not having an official place to live can be stressful, I know that will come very soon for me. I always say I'm a girl that likes challenges...well this is certainly a challenge! So cross your fingers for me and send good thoughts my way...

...and now it's time to read some of your lovely blogs that I have missed dearly! 
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