New Orleans: Some of the Best Food You Will Ever Have

I can confidently say that food in New Orleans is some of the best grub I have had in this country. I knew I had to showcase the real star of the city, the damn good food!! Here I've listed my favorite spots (really picked by Laura). 

1. Napoleon House

Get your ass here immediately. This was the best food I had all trip. Order the red beans & rice, get a Pimms cup, and sit in the courtyard. If you're extra hungry, also get the muffaletta. YUMMMM. I DEVOURED this meal! 

2. PJ's Coffee

Great coffee chain in New Orleans. They get that foam just right (I'm picky about foam!). 

3. Po-Boys (Multiple Spots in the City) 

I didn't really understand what a po boy was until I had one in New Orleans. Oh my gosh! Such warm, gooey, roast-beefy goodness!! You can also go for shrimp, among other options. I went to a place far out of the city center, called Chateau Market, which looked like a gas station pit-stop. It was fantastic. I'm sure you can get plenty of po boys closer to the center!

4. Atchafalaya 
I'm showcasing this place for it's cute ambiance and Bloody Mary bar (genius!). I also tried alligator sausage here--yeah, you heard right. This restaurant is located uptown and good for brunch (expect a wait, though).

5. Port of Call
Delicious, amazing, HUGE burgers with a baked potato on the side. Ha! I thought to myself, "there's no way I can finish all that!" I did. I will not feel shame for it. This restaurant is located in the Frenchmen area.

6. Homemade Grits
 Get any Southerner to make you grits. Thanks, Laura!

7. Dooky Chase
I was running out of time and knew there was a Dooky Chase located in the airpot--it was the perfect "last meal." I got red beans & rice (again) and fried chicken. Verdict: Napoleon House's red beans is better, but the fried chicken at Dooky is so worth it. And how perfect that you can grab a piece right before catching your plane! 

I ate at other places too, but these places you just can't miss. And yeah, I'm pretty sure I had to be rolled through security onto my plane. Currently back to detoxing my body with California food!! Forgot to mention that I picked up a drive-thru daiquiri one of the nights, but we won't discuss that debauchery...

What New Orleans food/restaurant do you love? 


New Orleans: The French Quarter (Touristy, But Still Worth It)

Just got back from my fun-filled New Orleans trip, and I thought I'd start my posts with the most obvious of places in New Orelans, the French Quarter.

 The lovely Laura was my tour guide, a New Orleans native (recognize her from London?!). Laura took me to all the best sites:

It's easy to see the European influence of both the French and Spanish all through the city.

The thing I love about New Orleans is it seems to be the most intact historical city in the country (that I've visited). Strolling the old streets, I could see the past playing out before my eyes: the horse-drawn carriages, the men smoking cigars and drinking brandy, the women hiding their ankles, the 17th-century coats...I could see all of it. It's a little hard to see the past in places like New York, where the rush and technology of modern culture takes over what once was. Not so in NOLA.

The downside to New Orleans? The drinking culture is a little MUCH at night, so if you're not down for the crowded party scene, stick to visiting in the day.

Notable places in the French Quarter:

Napoleon House
Carousel Bar
The Voodoo Museum (I didn't take pictures of this because I'm slightly superstitious, ha!)
Royal Street (where all the art is)
Free street music playing everywhere!!

Have you been to the French Quarter? Do you think it's worth a visit or should be skipped? 


My Favorite San Diego Festival

All year I wait for a little winter festival called December Nights here in San Diego. It's only two days long, but features all my favorite things in one go: pretty lights, gorgeous buildings, international foods and spirits, free museum entry, and a city feel. 

By far, my favorite part of the festival is the international village section (big freakin' surprise). I forgot to take a picture of the House of Turkey with their delicious doner kebabs, but I did take a couple snapshots of the International Spirits section. 

Two glorious words: Swedish Glogg. What is that, you ask? Essentially, mulled wine with a kick of brandy. That'll make all the scrooges jolly! 
Above: Me savouring every last drop of my glogg. Below: other options of alcohol from around the world (here, it's India). 

Obviously, the best thing about these sorts of festivals is meeting up with friends and soaking up the happy atmosphere. 
 Emiliano practicing his "London Look." 
Above: I asked the parents of this adorable child if I could take a picture of their son. They got him to pose for me ;) 

Honestly, I could have taken TEN BAZILLION more pictures of the festival, but I got too busy with my second glogg and good conversation. December Nights is always the first weekend of December...so if you happen to be in Southern California, drop by! 
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